Algorithm and Emptiness Some Historical Musings
Applications of Mindfulness Meditation in the Study of Human Consciousness
Auto-Think: A Strategy for Fostering the Wisdom Function
Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation
Categories of Body Sensation Associated with Behavior Change
Eating as a Meditation Working Through Compulsion and Elevating Satisfaction
Experiences Associated with Meditating on the Thought Process
Four Facets of Body Sensations
Happiness Grid
How to Echo Talk
How Meditation Works
How Should a Meditator Express Emotion?
The Icky-Sticky Creepy-Crawly It-Doesn’t- Really-Hurt-But-I-Can’t-Stand-It Feeling
Mantra Practice vs. Mindfulness
Meditation and Consciousness A Dialogue Between a Meditation Teacher and a Psychologist
Meditation and Diet
Meditation and Emptying the Mind
Meditation: Escaping Into Life An Interview with Shinzen Young by Michael Toms
Meditation and Pleasure
Meditation and the Self
Natural Pain Relief Practical Steps for Transforming Physical Pain Into Spiritual Growth
A Pain-Processing Algorithm
The Panic Cycle
The Point of Contact By Polly Young-Eisendrath, Tricycle, Fall 2005
Posture for Meditation By Stephanie Nash
The Power of Gone
Purpose and Method of Vipassana Meditation
Spiritual Alchemy Transmuting Negativity Into Loving Kindness
Using Mindfulness Practice to Deal with Negative Urges
Walking Meditation
What Buddhism Can Give to Modern Yoga
Working With Physical Discomfort During Meditation