The Mindful Geek, A new book by Michael W. Taft


We may be seeing the beginning of a major revolution. This revolution is in some ways a natural next step from the Scientific Revolution that occurred about 500 years ago and the Neolithic Revolution that occurred many millennia before that. Ever since the Neolithic, human spirituality has tended to center on a literal interpretation of organized myth. The Scientific Revolution decentered those myths. So is humanity now left without a source of deep meaning and moral compass? Perhaps not. The Mindfulness Revolution offers a totally new direction: industrial strength psychospiritual growth based on industrial strength attentional skills—concentration power, sensory clarity, and equanimity.

Michael Taft is one of my senior facilitators. If you’re interested in topics such as secular mindfulness and mainstream mindfulness, check out his recent book The Mindful Geek. It’s a clear and cogent call to revolution.  Viva la causa!