Vive Les Geeks!

I just got back from Buddhist Geeks. It was great. Got a chance to reconnect with a lot of my old friends and to make a few new ones.

Here are some pics and description. (A huge thanks to Har-Prakash Khalsa – he took all of these photos except where otherwise noted.)

With Leigh Brasington and Har-Prakash Khalsa 


Horsing around with Daniel Ingram

With Gary Weber 

With Diane Hamilton. I lent her my signature Blues Brother’s hat.
(For more about the hat, see the comments I made on this blogpost.)

With ~C4Chaos

(pic courtesy of ~C4Chaos)

Dave Vago reports on our Harvard results

I mount our Harvard results within the framework of history

Visual summary of the Basic Mindfulness System. (I’ll blog about the meaning of this summary soon.)

A visual outline of our Harvard results 

(Drawn by KellyKingman)

Another view with ~C4Chaos

(pic courtesy of ~C4Chaos)

I pontificate on the The Meaning of Life

A visual outline of the Meaning of life
(Drawn by KellyKingman)

The ABCs of Being a Good Human Being  
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)<

5 Factors Involved in Positive Behavior Change
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)

Interplay of Emptiness and Form
(Detail from Meaning of Life drawn by Kelly Kingman)