Take your practice further with downloadable recordings of Shinzen's teachings.
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    Talks on Teaching Series

    Duration: Track 1 – 61 min; Track 2 – 42 min; Track 3 – 41 min; Track 4 – 76 min;

    Track 5 – 46 min; Track 6 – 45 min; Track 7 – 46 min; Track 8 – 71 min.

    These are recordings of three different workshops led by Shinzen Young in Tucson, AZ and Boulder, CO in 1999 but still relevant today. The focus of these workshops, unlike any before led by Shinzen, was the teaching process and how to apply it to meditation. These recordings contain his theories & formulas, lots of Q&A, and role- playing of the situations & questions that come up when teaching. A great learning tool for anyone who wants to teach or even just wants to describe their practice to someone.

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    Talks on Teaching Series